Сапа Профайлс 

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Сапа Профайлс 

Three core operations

Sapa develops, manufactures and markets value added profiles, profile-based building systems and heat-exchanger strip in the lightweight material aluminium and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Sapa’s three core operations are Sapa Profiles, Sapa Building System and Sapa Heat Transfer.

Sapa Profiles

is the world's leading producer of extruded aluminium profiles. Design solutions featuring aluminium profiles are used in virtually all industries. Sapa's profiles replace other materials and design methods. Aluminium can be a substitute for steel, copper, plastic or wood. Extrusion can replace costly techniques, such as forging and injection moulding. Sapa Profiles has extensive operations for the processing of profiles. Cutting, bending, CNC processing, hydroforming, fusion welding, Friction Stir Welding, anodizing, painting etc.

Sapa Building System

is one of the four largest suppliers of building systems based on aluminium profiles in Europe. Sapa Building System develops building systems based on aluminium profiles. Solutions for homes, offices and industrial buildings. Systems for windows, doors, facades and glass roofs. Close cooperation with architects generates exciting opportunities. Sapa's building systems facilitate efficient, high-quality construction work. This leads to both lower building costs and reduced operating expenses throughout the entire life of the building.

Sapa Heat Transfer

is the globally leading supplier of aluminium strip to the automotive heat-exchanger industry. It is the only company in the world to have concentrated its operations on aluminium strip for brazed heat exchangers. Production is optimized for materials used in heat exchangers: customer-specific solutions delivered in the form of strip or plate for radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, air-conditioning equipment and heaters.

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